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Pro Bono -

For the public good.

Pro Bono Clients

Every problem requiring the help of litigation counsel is an important one.  At North End Law we treat the opportunity to represent all of our clients, whether paying or not, as a privilege.  In order to devote the necessary time and attention to properly represent our clients under the firm's pro bono program we undertake rigorous screening to ensure the best fit.  Our screening process aims to assess need, client commitment, suitability of legal issue and assess any alternative means of solving the client's legal problem.  

If you are interested in applying under the firm's pro bono program, please download and complete the attached application and return it to us.    All material provided will be held in strict confidence.

     The Good Tax

Pro bono means more than just free legal services, it means services that are provided for the public good.  To ensure access to justice, we all have a responsibility to contribute. While North End Law donates its time and expertise, we expect all of our clients to contribute.  A minimum 2.5% pro bono tax is added to every client's bill to help finance disbursements for pro bono files. Disbursements are litigation costs such as filing fees or expert retainers.  Without help to cover these costs, litigation for those in need  may not be a feasible option.  

When everyone pitches in, pro bono services are truly for the public good.